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Library / Reviews
Michael Erard

Language-learning and people-eating in Ayesha Manazir Siddiqi's The Centre.

Ice queens, sex machines
Fiona Bell

Insofar as erotica can ever be about something, what is Russia-themed erotica about?

Last resort
Ian Ellison

On Dora Kellner, Walter Benjamin and the biography of a hotel

The coldest, cleanest water in Europe
Ben Carver

Solitary sailing, and the philosophy thereof: What sort of writing is possible when the mind is at sea and so entirely occupied and swaddled?

The big beige books
Stephan Petermann

The most important unreviewed books of our times, reviewed. On Xi Jinping’s The Governance of China, Volumes I to IV

Art before art
Christy Wampole

On Paleolithic painters & speculative criticism.

Forget your darlings
Marisa Libbon

On memory palaces, medieval and modern. A medieval woman’s life would not have taken the form of a straight line.

Europe disenchanted
Gabriel Rom

A broad cast of characters who almost all speak to a solitary woe. This is Europe? Ben Judah depicts a continent of islands, hollowed of associational life.

On location
George Blaustein

Mission: Impossible and Eurocentric stunts, from Hollywood to Hong Kong. What does an action movie want to be?

Tragedy & farce in climate commentary
Ingo Venzke

« We are fucked » vs. « It’s not too late ». The Club of Rome’s Earth for All offers a burst of stubborn optimism. But when does stubborn optimism become cruel optimism?

No man’s land
Sarah Watling

On Edda Mussolini & fashionable fascism. Can a woman be dangerous yet powerless?

The invention of austerity
Charles S. Maier

Dramatic economic inflations have punctuated twentieth-century political history. Is austerity a class strategy?

The pulverization of memory
Eloisa Morra

Write your memoir in a hostile tongue. On Marina Jarre, from Latvia to Italy and back.

Doom is in the details
Peter Frederick Matthews

Floods, hailstorms, plague, fire, children lost on a mountain or trapped for years in a ruined villa. On the stories of Adalbert Stifter.

The cemetery-goer
Walter Grünzweig

On the travels of Karl-Markus Gauß, and the unlikely guardians of the dream of Europe.

How to people a landscape
Christy Wampole

On Cyril Schäublin’s Unrueh (2022), cinema & scale. « No other film has so resized me. »