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Welcome to the European Review of Books

What is the European Review of Books? A primer, if you are here for the first time.

Found in translation
The Editors

Or, the art of the error

Kill your darlings
The Editors

Like plots in a garden cemetery, with lamentations, good-riddances or other epitaphs.

The pinnacle of cartography is the pinnacle of uselessness
The Editors

« Europe », drawn from memory or intuition. Thick and thin strokes of charcoal: a nod to the coal and steel on which the polity of modern Europe is founded. But more mystical, too: these drawings represent « the conviction that simple tools can grant us the power to face the god of paper. »

The ordinary jacket of today
The Editors

The ERB doesn’t stand in competition with magazines we love; it joins them, and does so in admiration. This project has made us encounter literary magazines we hadn’t read before and discover beautiful magazines in languages we wish we could read.

On the anti-poetry of « crowdfunding campaign »
The Editors

Kickstarting used to be something you did to an engine. To « kickstart » the European Review of Books makes it feel like we’re riding a motorcycle in World War I. But we only want peace!

Infrequently Asked Questions
George Blaustein

Who, what, and why? Imagine something called, say, the Zemblan Review of Books, or the Esperanto Review of Political Theory, or the Klingon Review of Horticulture, or the Utopian Review of Bicycles.

Do we need a European Review of Books?
The Editors

« If I were to do it again from scratch, » Jean Monnet, a founder of the European Union, supposedly said in the ’70s, « I would start with culture. » Well, who wouldn’t?