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Art before art
Christy Wampole

On Paleolithic painters & speculative criticism.

Marc Lunghuss

Eine Geschichte über Coolness. « Das Telefon klingelt. Jim Jarmusch ist dran und fragt, ob ich nicht bei ihm vorbeikommen will. »

Marc Lunghuss

A story about coolness. « The phone rings. It is Jim Jarmusch, and he asks if I want to come over to his place. »

Defne Suman

A story about danger. « She wondered when he was going to ask her where she was going. »

Defne Suman

« Eylül adamın ‘ne tarafa gidiyorsun’ diye sormasını bekledi »

Forget your darlings
Marisa Libbon

On memory palaces, medieval and modern. A medieval woman’s life would not have taken the form of a straight line.

Corrupted, yet intact
Mathieu Segers

On the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Europe of European integration. An excerpt from The Origins of European Integration: The Pre-history of Today’s European Union, 1937–1951.

On learning to write again
Adania Shibli

Ramallah, downtown, fifth floor. The phone rings and the caller’s number appears on the screen. It’s an unknown number. And yet a call that comes at this hour must be answered.

تعلُّم الكتابة من جديد
Adania Shibli

رام الله، وسط البلد، الطابق الخامس. يرن الهاتف ويظهر رقم المتّصل على الشاشة. إنه ليس لأحد معارفنا، فالرقم غير معروف. مع ذلك، يتطلّبُ اتصال هاتفي في ساعة مبكِّرةٍ كهذه الردَّ عليه.

Five uneasy pieces
Igor Pomerantsev

How I stopped being an older brother (& other stories)

Bad writing advice
The Editors

Writing advice is everywhere. Some of it might even be good! But we were interested in the bad.

From the editors
The inborn germ
Philippe Huneman

Why death? Who or what dies? Philosophers tend not to explain, but to justify. When do such questions become biological questions? Does it help?

The invention of austerity
Charles S. Maier

Dramatic economic inflations have punctuated twentieth-century political history. Is austerity a class strategy?

George Blaustein

On Arnold, action cinema & Übermenschlichkeit. « Arnold Schwarzenegger was action cinema’s Adamic man, alternately entering and exiting normal human time. »

The big beige books
Stephan Petermann

The most important unreviewed books of our times, reviewed. On Xi Jinping’s The Governance of China, Volumes I to IV

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