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« Everything starts with fire »
— Interview with Hélène Cixous
Hans Ulrich Obrist

Hans Ulrich Obrist interviews French-Algerian writer and philosopher Hélène Cixous.

« The hope of future Pan-African socialism »
Jackie Thomae

A group of « skinny Black lads » enroll at Leipzig's Karl Marx University in East Germany. An excerpt from Jackie Thomae's novel Brothers.

The coldest, cleanest water in Europe
Ben Carver

Solitary sailing, and the philosophy thereof: What sort of writing is possible when the mind is at sea and so entirely occupied and swaddled?

Moscow on the Med
Kate Elizabeth Creasey

Two winters in Istanbul. If you are a holder of a Russian passport, there are few places in the Western hemisphere that you can go without a visa.

The big beige books
Stephan Petermann

The most important unreviewed books of our times, reviewed. On Xi Jinping’s The Governance of China, Volumes I to IV

George Blaustein

On Arnold, action cinema & Übermenschlichkeit. « Arnold Schwarzenegger was action cinema’s Adamic man, alternately entering and exiting normal human time. »

Photographer, refugee, king
Patrick Doan

A family’s travelogue from Phnom Penh to Paris and back

Photographe, réfugié, roi
Patrick Doan

Carnet de voyage d’une famille entre Phnom Penh et Paris et le retour

What an animal isn’t
Madeline Gressel

Two vastly different books — one a picaresque tale, the other a dystopian meditation — both recount a transition from human to animal or from animal to human.

Jesus in the pines
Zuza Nazaruk

Refugees and border guards in the Białowieża Forest. Scenes of violence play out behind a thick cover of trees, in a remote corner of Poland.

Jezus w świerkach
Zuza Nazaruk

Migranci i strażnicy graniczni w Puszczy Białowieskiej. Prastare drzewa ukrywają ekstremalną przemoc.

The size of longing
Sudeep Dasgupta

On Jacob Israël de Haan’s Palestine and Arnold Zweig’s novel of post‑Zionist disillusionment

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