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The Mass of Mies
Rem Koolhaas

« Less is more »? The scale and shape of his body gave the architect Mies van der Rohe an unequaled weight and architectural authority.

Found in translation
The Editors

Or, the art of the error

From the editors
The inborn germ
Philippe Huneman

Why death? Who or what dies? Philosophers tend not to explain, but to justify. When do such questions become biological questions? Does it help?

No man’s land
Sarah Watling

On Edda Mussolini & fashionable fascism. Can a woman be dangerous yet powerless?

The invention of austerity
Charles S. Maier

Dramatic economic inflations have punctuated twentieth-century political history. Is austerity a class strategy?

Doom is in the details
Peter Frederick Matthews

Floods, hailstorms, plague, fire, children lost on a mountain or trapped for years in a ruined villa. On the stories of Adalbert Stifter.

The cemetery-goer
Walter Grünzweig

On the travels of Karl-Markus Gauß, and the unlikely guardians of the dream of Europe.

How to people a landscape
Christy Wampole

On Cyril Schäublin’s Unrueh (2022), cinema & scale. « No other film has so resized me. »

Sergei Lebedev

A story about a lonely railway guard on a desolate steppe. « In the cursed August of 1991 the radio informed Kasatonov that there was a state of emergency in the capital. Then it fell silent, as if the receiver had broken. »

Perhentian Sunrise
Preeta Samarasan

A story about romance. « The eve of a suitor’s arrival, bigger than Christmas or birthday, I tell you. »

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