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Bee Gees FAQ
Anne Diestelkamp
13 June 2022
published in Issue One

Below you will find the most frequently asked Bee Gees questions.

From their Beatles-ish beginning, to their disco apotheosis, to their un-pin-downable beyond, questions abound in the Bee Gees lyrical corpus. Bee Gees questions are, and yet somehow are not, rhetorical. Maybe they are not questions at all. In German, one sometimes finds a powerful backronym for « FAQ »: « Fragen, Antworten, Quintessenzen »: quintessence is the alchemical fifth essence, or the ether itself.

Below you will find the Bee Gees Summa Theologica, posed to an empty, unfeeling universe.

  • Where is my heart?

  • How strong am I? 

  • How far am I able to see?

  • How many birds will I see high and flying?

  • How far can we fall? 

  • What makes the world go round?

  • Where in the world will I be tomorrow?

  • Where lies the man that I was, and the future that could never be?

  • Who is the clown that walks in the steps of my shadow?

  • How deep is your love?

  • Am I the soul you cast your spell upon?

  • Are you the killer or the cure?

  • Do you know what it's like on the outside? 

  • What you gonna do with your life? 

  • Don't you think it's time you got up and stood alone?

  • How can you stop the rain from falling down?

  • How can you stop the sun from shining?

  • How can you mend a broken heart?

  • How can we divide the heart? 

  • How can the body know it's touchin' me or her?

  • How can we survive if we change what is real?

  • How can a loser ever win?

  • Hello there, Do you really care? 

  • Where are you to keep me warm?

  • Where are you now, now that I need you?

  • Who's the one you're clinging to instead of me tonight?

  • Did you believe you could find what you need with a stranger?

  • Why don't you stop and see why you're not loving me? 

  • Am I never gonna find someone that knows me like you do?

  • Can we love and live apart? 

  • How many birds will it take till I get you?

  • When am I gonna go to your dimension?

  • Will it be happy ever after for me and you?

  • What do I do to have you stay? 

  • Are you leaving me a helpless child?

  • Hello there, Is there any air?

  • Why do they keep me here?

  • Is it any wonder I'm alive? 

  • Am I needed here?

  • Maybe I'm wrong or will I find out when I'm gone?

  • Is this my night of nights? 

  • Is this the summer of them all?

  • Can you believe that what you see could never ever be so real somehow?

  • Could you believe that what you read –– one thousand pages –– couldn't tell you why?

  • Are you ready for my high civilization?

  • Who can stop your past from rushing by?

  • Ain't it wrong to let the years go by?

  • Where does our love go when the world is overrun?

  • Would it hurt to say « Hello » or don't you know?