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Issue Four
November 2023

Issue Four is blue – sky blue. In its pages: Schwarzeneggerology, Xi Jinping’s big beige books, peripheral Europe, art avant l'art, palindrome divas, medieval darlings, Jim Jarmusch baking a cake and S. Ansky sharing a secret from beyond the grave. Plus: some truly bad writing advice.

Europe disenchanted
Gabriel Rom

A broad cast of characters who almost all speak to a solitary woe. This is Europe? Ben Judah depicts a continent of islands, hollowed of associational life.

The big beige books
Stephan Petermann

The most important unreviewed books of our times, reviewed. On Xi Jinping’s The Governance of China, Volumes I to IV

Two palindromes
Yu Müller / 翟彧

→ Setting of the Sun at West Mountain / Puffing & panting ←
→ Worm-eaten Rimbaud / Always knowing whom ←

日落西山 & 蟲蠹的蘭波
Yu Müller / 翟彧

→ 日落西山 / 國是前胸 ←  → 蟲蠹的蘭波 / 始終知誰 ←

George Blaustein

On Arnold, action cinema & Übermenschlichkeit. « Arnold Schwarzenegger was action cinema’s Adamic man, alternately entering and exiting normal human time. »

Defne Suman

A story about danger. « She wondered when he was going to ask her where she was going. »

Defne Suman

« Eylül adamın ‘ne tarafa gidiyorsun’ diye sormasını bekledi »

Marc Lunghuss

Eine Geschichte über Coolness. « Das Telefon klingelt. Jim Jarmusch ist dran und fragt, ob ich nicht bei ihm vorbeikommen will. »

Marc Lunghuss

A story about coolness. « The phone rings. It is Jim Jarmusch, and he asks if I want to come over to his place. »

Five uneasy pieces
Igor Pomerantsev

How I stopped being an older brother (& other stories)

Visit the extractocene!
G. Geltner

The Eisenthür silver mine is real; the village below is entirely fictive.

Pigeon Water
William Nelson

Online, pigeon water is what we swim in and slather on ourselves.

Forget your darlings
Marisa Libbon

On memory palaces, medieval and modern. A medieval woman’s life would not have taken the form of a straight line.

Bad writing advice
The Editors

Writing advice is everywhere. Some of it might even be good! But we were interested in the bad.

From the editors
Trouble at work and home while my son is abroad
Francesco Pacifico

A story about living. « I have a family and I have a job and I have a teaching gig, and these things have me. »

The original Dybbuk
Menachem Kaiser

A story about afterlife. « A saint! What do you mean he’s a saint! the scholar says. He’s a librarian! Are librarians saints? »

The case of the missing elephant
Ailish Lalor

On animal charisma and animal vengeance. What happens when an elephant goes missing a year after her death.

Every end has a start
Yamandú Roos

In 2005, Yamandú Roos embarked on the photographic project Europeans: one continent, forty countries, 65.000 kilometers.