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What can I submit to the European Review of Books?

We welcome reviews and essays, broadly considered (the essay is a flexible form). We will consider full drafts as well as well-wrought pitches. All pieces will go through our (often intensive!) process of editing. More sporadically, we welcome fiction and poetry. 

Reviews are not limited to English-language material. In fact we welcome elegant and incisive review essays that cast their nets beyond English and consider untranslated writing. Cross-lingual juxtapositions are welcome, too: for instance, we are keen to publish ensemble review essays that pair books from the Anglo-American orbit with books from beyond it.

Can I submit an « opinion » piece to the European Review of Books?

In general: no. The world is inundated with op-eds. Basta.

What is a « pearl »?

A pearl is, pragmatically speaking, a shorter-form piece. It is impossible to define but delightful or illuminating to read, and it is rarely longer than 1000 words. We advise contributors to browse other pearls first.

A pearl might be a shorter essay, though it needn’t have an « argument ». Otherwise: anecdotes, tidbits, short commentaries on works of art, archival finds, gatherings, jokes, parodies, afterthoughts, lists. (« When found, make a note of. » That was the motto of Notes and Queries in 1849. The ERB is not Victorian, but we can note and we can query.)

Can I submit an essay that was previously published in an another language?

We are most interested in original, as-yet-unpublished writing, but occasionally we will consider previously published, as-yet-untranslated submissions. All articles will go through our own process of editing.

Please send submissions to: submissions@europeanreviewofbooks.com

As a small organization we are doing our best, but we won’t be able to reply to everyone (alas) and messages will sometimes slip through the cracks.

Please also read our Terms & Conditions for contributors